Monday, June 23, 2014

GOAT -- Take the guesswork out of gradient optimization

This is pretty cool.

You can go back through this blog and find page after page of ramblings I have had on optimizing LC gradients to match your dynamic exclusion or your cycle time or your column length.

What if a sweet open source program could knock out some of those variables for you?!?!

Enter GOAT!  Automated gradient optimization!  Give GOAT some details about your sample and it'll build you an optimal gradient for your experiment.  Does it work?  Comparing a GOAT optimized gradient vs a non-optimized gradient for a HeLa digest on an Orbitrap Elite showed a 10% boost in peptide IDs!

You can read more about GOAT here.


  1. When using GOAT, make sure the raw file path does not contain any spaces! If e.g. the raw file folder name contains a space, GOAT will hang. The authors are working on a fix :)

  2. Small point - it's not actually open source. I tried, but the license stipulated by the university is on the website. Free for non-commercial use.