Thursday, June 26, 2014

ProteoSuite. Friendly free tools for quan!

There is a lot of proteomics software out there.  And...some of it is great!  This leaves a window open for people to write more stuff...hopefully great stuff!

ProteoSuite is a new package.  Why would you want to use this one when there are so many accepted free programs out there?  Actually, I don't know...

Wait!  I have a reason.  The TPP is imposing.  Sorry, it is.  Is it powerful?  Absolutely.  Is it easy for someone who has never done this stuff to start running on it?  No.  It is not (again, sorry, I seriously love you guys but if you are a biologist who just wants to re-assess an existing dataset this is not the tool you want to use.

MaxQuant isn't that much better, honestly.  Yes, I know there are tons of resources to get going.  Videos and publications and we all know how good that software is.  But you aren't going to download MaxQuant this morning and have quantitative data processing while you are at lunch.

ProteoSuite aims to bridge that gap with a friendly interface.  Check out how big the arrows are that they use!

ProteoSuite is still in development, but tutorial videos are on the site.  Example data sets are on the site.  ProteoSuite is putting accessibility and ease of use at the forefront.  And there is room in the open source quantitative proteomics world for that.

You can check out ProteoSuite here.  They are encouraging beta testing and looking for feedback.  If you decide to help them out, please post some of your feedback here somewhere.

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