Sunday, June 15, 2014

Extract injection time info from Fusion and QE files!

HaHa!  I have a solution to a question lots of you guys have asked!  RAW Meat, one of my favorite programs ever does not currently have injection time extraction ability from the Q Exactive and Orbitrap Fusion.  This has been a hang up for me for almost 2 years.

This month, my team hired a stellar new Scientist, Dr. Shan Randall, and he has a solution:  Xcalibur Query language!

It is described in this poster (you can find the direct link to the PDF here):

XQL can pull out all sorts of info from RAW files, and we've tested it on Fusion.  You can pull out the TICs and plot them vs scan number as we did to generate the image at the top of this post.  The language is command line driven for now, but it will get you this info!


  1. Hey Ben,
    Has Vast Scientific and Raw Meat vaporized ?
    I cannot find them on line.


  2. This software was difficult to find. This ABRF forum discussion led to this page buried in Thermo's Knowledgebase. There you will find the poster, program, and documentation.