Sunday, June 1, 2014

Scientific Data -- an awesome new journal!

Maybe y'all already know about this one, but it was new to me!

Nature has started a new journal that is solely for the description of cool data sets.  You know that experiment that didn't work?  The one where you ran the Orbi Velos for 3 months and didn't come up with a biomarker in those cell lines?

We need to do something with that data set!  Maybe that biomarker is a PTM nobody knew about!  If not, maybe just having it out there would stop me from trying that same experiment!  Better yet, maybe your n just wasn't big enough to successfully pull out the interesting stuff.  Maybe combining your "bad" data set with my "bad" data set would give us a big enough sample to get something really cool.

This journal is a BIG step in the right direction.  Lets get all this data out there!  And it's open source!

Another great one?

Hell yes!  I don't want to waste all my time doing experiments that you know don't work!  The impact factor is 1.1?  Who cares!  You publishing your stuff that doesn't work keeps other people from wasting their time.  And if somebody had published that experiment first then neither of you would have wasted your time!  We move forward.  Science moves forward.

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