Saturday, March 22, 2014

SILAC label a whole fish, cause why not?

Do you love working with zebra fish, but are frustrated by how little proteomics has been done on your favorite model organism?  Marcus Kruger's lab at the Max Planck Institute finally said "enough is enough" and labeled the whole damned fish.  Using similar strategies to the SILAC mouse studies this team has used in the past, they were able to quantitatively examine protein expression levels in individual organs extracted from these lucky labeled little guys.  The team reported full quantitative data on multiple organs in 5 days of instrument time using straight forward methods on the Q Exactive.

Sometimes you simply need extreme measures to push your field forward.  Strongly recommended read for anyone using zebrafish or other model organisms that have not been characterized well via quantitative proteomics.

You can read the abstract for this paper here (sorry, not open access).

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