Monday, March 3, 2014

MS-Viewer -- Powerful new tool for Protein Prospector

An awesome new tool is up on the Protein Prospector and is detailed in this paper, currently in press (and open access) at MCP.

The MS-Viewer takes aim at a lofty goal -- a program that can open post-processed shotgun proteomics data from different sources and open it in a unified format.  For example, if someone posted their Mascot runs on Tranche and they don't match your collaborators replication that was processed with Proteome Discoverer, you can use MS-Viewer to open them both in the same format.  This might help you to tell whether it is a database issue, a different in false discovery rate calculation, etc., which led to these differences.

Maybe more commonly, it gives you a chance to stop searching around for a characteristic of the data that you are interested in when meta-analyzing data.

Cool new program that makes Prospector even more useful than it already is!  And there is even a nice video tutorial on how to use it.  Check it out here (video link in red).

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