Friday, March 28, 2014

Quantitative analysis of 4000 proteins on a QE!

I have so much to write about right now!  March is a great month for proteomics!

First off, thanks @pastelbio for letting me know about this great new paper in Nature Scientific Reports.

This paper (open access) from Liangliang Sun et al., uses iTRAQ labeling and a Q Exactive to follow the development of the African Clawed Frog throughout its life.  They end up tracking 4000 proteins over 8 different points in the life cycle!  They use an interesting pooling procedure and SCX pre-fractionation to get numbers this amazing with the iTRAQ 8-plex.

Great paper for anyone wondering how to track the development of an organism.  Also a great set up for people interested in using reporter ion quantification on their Q Exactive.

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