Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Quality control in Skyline!

Man, I'm gonna get sued for real one day.  But this is the best image I can think of to describe this paper, because we're combining two of my top 10 mass spec things (don't ask for the complete list, its probably really weird) -- Quality control and Skyline.

It's described in this paper:

(Thanks, Dave, for showing me the SnipIt tool, I'm using it constantly).

This tool, called SProCoP can monitor 5 important QC metrics directly in Skyline.  Now, if you're thinking, "wow, that's nice for targeted analysis, but...." It works for shotgun analysis as well.  Seriously!

I'm all about QC in proteomics (type quality control into the search bar above for any of my rants).  If you are running any good benchmark sample on a regular basis, you rock.  If you are using doing this and using any of the great new statistical monitoring software to keep track of your overall system performance over time, you are a complete and total rock star in this field.  That's the highest compliment that I can give you, and we should be probably be friends.

TL/DR:  Take the best open source software in mass spectrometry (Skyline!) and seamlessly integrate a new R-based algorithm that can monitor quality control on virtually any RAW data file.

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  1. I´m now following your blog with great interest. I think it is one of the more fun and interesting blogs regarding MS and proteomics on tha internets.. :D Keep up the good job!! Do you have any other nice MS-blogs up your sleeve? Best regards. - Sleepy