Friday, February 14, 2014

Want to boost MRM sensitivity on a ton of peptides at once?

I love the cross-talk happening in the field right now.  Our counterparts in metabolomics and in targeted quan have tons of cool chromatography columns and derivatization techniques that make our C-18 reversed phase stuff seem kind of lazy and unsophisticated, though some cool stuff (like HILIC) have crossed over and are showing their uses.

Well, what if we have stuff to contribute back to the targeted triple quad game?  It seems like we do.  A new paper in press (and currently open access, quick grab it!) from Steven Carr's lab at the BROAD (like Toad) shows the usefulness of one of our chromatography tricks in targeted peptide quan.

What's that trick?  Long columns with small particle size.  Heck, its the only LC trick we have, right?  The paper, aptly named "Simplified and Efficient Quantification of Low Abundance Proteins at Very High Multiplex by Targeted Mass Spectrometry" demonstrates the value of this trick on increasing both the number of peptides quantifiable in a single run as well as an improvement in dynamic range.

Oh yeah, and its a holiday.  Here is a great poem for it.

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