Sunday, February 9, 2014

QE Plus intact antibodies

I get distracted sometimes.  Months ago, I promised to show some more data on what the QE Plus can do with intact proteins, and here it is, finally!

This is the 0.1 ug of the Waters antibody standard injected onto a C4 column running at 300uL/min.  The S/N is >100:1.

Post-deconvolution, we are looking at sub-10ppm mass accuracy.  I ran this, btw, not some intact expert!

Punch line?  This is without gas optimization.  This is also without enabling "protein mode" on the QE Plus. This was without desalting the notoriously gross Waters mAB standard!  This was a test to make sure the instrument was working correctly.  Could I have adjusted gas pressures, optimized (thrown in a nice high lock mass?) and employed Protein mode to improve this data?  Of course!  Is 1000:1 S/N possible on a QE Plus on an intact (and not desalted, LOL!) antibody?  I don't know, but if this is what one can do right out of the box, imagining what someone who knows what they're doing and takes the time to really optimize everything is a pretty exciting prospect!

In case you are interested, the method file is now up on the Orbitrap methods database.

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