Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I ended up at a bar restaurant with some awesome scientists last night and one of the many things we ended up talking about was the number and quality of free resources that are popping up in proteomics.  Its getting to the point now where just about everything you'd want to do is out there.  The trick, a lot of the time, is in hunting down the software that will do what you want.  Unfortunately, the other trick is in getting it installed because sometimes our bioinformatics friends forget that not all of us know R and Perl, or use Linux.

Fortunately, this later problem seems to be getting better and I especially expect it to improve now that we have a precedent established of publications based on changing great freely available programs into easy to operature (and install) GUI programs.

To the topic at hand:  More free resources!  I was alerted to this one by a reader in India (thanks Dr. Sreelakshmi!!)

The CompOmics group in Ghent, Belgium has a great website with all sorts of free software as well as tutorials on how to use said software.  The software ranges from data parsers (from OMSSA or Mascot) to cell motility analyzers.  In short, tons of cool stuff!

Direct link to the site here!

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