Saturday, May 11, 2019

Baltimore/Washington Mass Spec Area -- Let's talk about new software! you @the_ion_doctor for reminding me of this thing I agreed to do a year ago that I definitely wouldn't have forgotten about otherwise, probably!

In the area? Want to talk about data processing? Find our little group here!

Let's talk about --
OpenSearch Strategies (Fragger.TagGraph) and hybrids like MetaMorpheus
Second searching!
Using MS1 libraries
Scaling data processing way up with GPU and Cloud-based processing
And how to take all this lousy nextgen sequencing crap and make it into something that you can actually search with?

That's what the overview on slide 3 of my totally completed and well-orchestrated slide deck says we'll do and that probably won't umm..change...too much... Slides so good I'll post them, here after the talk.  Be careful when removing the limiters, though....

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