Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Molecular pixelation - single cell proteomics (of about a dozen targets) with subcellular resolution (sortof)!


I read this while not even Jalen Brunsen dismantling the Pacers could keep me from falling asleep (rough spring so far) but it is totally worth thinking about. 

Coincidentally, this paper prominently features another New Yorker (AOC) which is the only abbreviation I'll now ever remember for antibody oligonucleotide conjugates.

There are a whole ton of single cell technologies where you put an oligo on an antibody and you mix that with your single cells and analyze them. In our experience with these so far - THEY ARE NOWHERE NEAR AS TURNKEY AS SALESPEOPLE WHO WANT TO USE UP YOUR TIME WILL TELL YOU. If you're interested in extremely clean CD8 positive cells in culture and you want to measure the number of cells with CD8 (or whatever) there are solutions. If you want to take some tissue and homogenize it, you might give them a whole lot of money and then get calls from their apps teams asking you to give them tips and tricks because no one has ever pulled it off before. (Reasonably accurate story). 

However - ain't no one giving you spatial estimates of their "quantitative" in a very very vague and possibly inaccurate use of the word single cell proteomics data! (Very very fast, though!!) 

So this new one providing some spatial context on where the proteins ARE inside the cells? That's new to me! 

Okay - then right after I hit post on this the first time I remembered this one that I absolutely need to read! For some reason I can't post pictures right now and I don't have time to spend uploading. Gotta go go go. 

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