Monday, May 13, 2024

De Novo Multi-Omics Pathway Analysis outperforms gene based pathway data!


I can't follow the maths in this paper, but I appreciate the results! 

Most of the stuff we use for "pathway analysis" is based on historic data from....somewhere.... and the details of that somewhere can have some effects on your results. That ...somewhere.... is often data from the past like RNA Microarrays or yeast 2 hybrids or things that have become very niche things because they were replaced with technologies that are more effective for most applications. 

Since things like Ingenuity Pathway Analysis are drawing from thousands of RNA Microarrays - nearly all of which were used for studies of cancer - those tools often aren't all that helpful for things that are not cancer. Do we need these historic datasets? Could we do better by just throwing in our own multi-omics data? 

This group sure thinks so, and the results are very encouraging.

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