Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Two great new proteomics books coming this summer!

Josip Blonder had one of the biggest effects on my development as a scientist in this field. He's got a fancy emeritus/pseudo-retired status at the NIH now, but apparently he's not just fishing off of Hvar, even if he isn't pulling down the surfaceome these days. He's updated Proteomics for Drug Discovery and it will be out in August!

And when I stumbled on this, I also found this one is coming out just before it! 

The first book on single cell proteomics by mass spectrometry! 

This isn't like preodering a video game. The corporate shmucks can't just cut development and bug testing because they've made enough money for their shareholders. Preodering doesn't change the product, it just means I don't forget to get them. 

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