Sunday, April 7, 2024

Confuse everyone by converting an EvoSep One into a fraction collector!

If you've got a spare EvoSep One sitting around not doing anything you could sell it to me for less than a new one costs OR could get a 3D printer and convert it into a (??) ... robust and sensitive offline fractionator.

The 3D printer converted to a fraction collector is seriously cool.  You can get a shockingly high resolution 3D printer for <$500 these days and you won't need super precise movements to put your tube above the right well in a plate. Steal these plans to build your next fraction collector, for sure! 

The...use of an HPLC system that costs the same? more? than an HPLC with an integrated fraction collector...likely makes this more of a niche idea. The sensitivity is really good, though, with good recovery of high pH fractions of 5ng of tryptic digest. 

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