Friday, April 14, 2023

Well...I'm ImmPRessed...!


I think most mass spec or proteomics or -omics studies go 1 or 2 main ways. You're focused on understanding a biological system at some important granular level or you are building a resource for people who are. 

ImmPRes is a really beautiful new(?) [they've been working on it for 8 years, but the web portal is new to me, so I think that counts as new(?)] example of the latter, born from years of experiments in the former. let's anyone interested in the proteomes of immune cells to easily dig through data on all sorts of cells associated with the human/mammalian systems.

For example, say you're interested in just CD4 cells --


Now....I know that we're supposed to do hypothesis driven research...but how often does that come up in explorative -omics? I'm impressed when it does, but most is "how the fuck does this system work?" and I really think that is where most of us operate these days. If you can get to a point where you've got a resource easy enough for anyone to dig through, you've done something good for the world in my clearly exceptionally biased opinion. 

You can read a little bit more about ImmPRes here.

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  1. Actually this reminded me I needed to update the front page! The grant that allowed the first data to be acquired started in 2015 but ImmPRes itself has only been publicly available since 2020. It just took a lot longer to integrate all the datasets and be be able to get a publication online