Sunday, April 9, 2023

TIMSTOF SCP takes on low cellular input HLA peptidomics!

...forwarding this screenshot around to people today for obvious reasons. It came from this preprint.

800 HLA peptides from 1e6 cells is a crazy number to begin with (good job little Exploris!)

3,000 HLA peptides from the same amount of material is ridiculous.

AND they did this with Spectrum Mill! Imagine what they might get if they used a good search engine

(with all respect to Dr. Clauser, I know that the Broad Spectrum Mill is some super amazing custom job, operated/optimized by the guy who designed it, but I couldn't resist). 

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  1. Dumb question, what were your thoughts on the settings used on the Exploris? I thought the AGC seemed to be set rather low for this kind of experiment. I may be wrong though. I can not comment on the SCP settings (though the data is awesome!)