Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Ubuntu summer school -- 5 days of proteomics in Antarctica!


Someone sent me this link to this very slow loading website where a ton of great speakers are teaching a summer proteomic school where there are penguins! As my public education didn't include a geography class and under the registration page there is a picture of an amoeba?....?...

....I'm going to make the uneducated guess that this meeting is in Antarctica. That's where my grad school roommate worked for 7 years but now got downgraded to working in the middle west somewhere. 

For real, if you want to see penguins and spend 5 days with some of the top proteomics researchers in thw world, registration is only open until October 14th! 


  1. Think it's in South Africa, not Antarctica. There are still penguins tho!

  2. That'd be in South Africa ;)