Monday, September 12, 2022

"Next gen" proteomics deathmatch is published! Who cares about specificity?


Wow! Look at that, O-link looks great, see how it matches an error-prone protein quantification assay that we typically use when measuring as inexpensively as possible is the most important and accuracy is secondary? 

Oh. I particularly like this one as well! 

For my entry in the "most times I have literally laughed out loud while reading a peer reviewed publication while operating on less than 50 hours of sleep in an 11 day grant writing stretch "  I humbly submit --

Would you like to see my favorite funny part of this? To be fair, fate transpired to have my first solo grant application ever overlapping with 3 sets of really great journal reviewer comments all being due at the same time and my watch kept giving me this angry frown for my sleep tracker -- and I have had some sincere concerns about the quality of my driving on the beltway this week, so this might not be as funny next week as it is right now. (There's the period key! Looks like I forgot where it was for a second!) (Please, no real concerns about whether I'll die on the strech of my commute that we in the world's greatest city refer to lovingly as "THE THUNDERDOME" because, on a 5 year average approximately one person will enter per day who will not leave, when I'm really sleepy I drive my old stick shift car and it drives itself.) 

Check this out and tell me it isn't funny. 

Highlight 1 (my interpretation): Man, we're way more streamlined than LCMS! You should use our "next gen" technology if  you don't mind that what we're quantifying isn't SPECIFIC to the protein that we think it is. 

Highlight 2. Independent verification of our performance relative to a gold standard (I assume LCMS) for each of the thousands of proteins on these platforms is expensive and it will take a long time!

What comes to mind when you think about SOMASCAN and O-Link investors who are jumping on the proteomics bandwagon and are really excited about how much money these companies are spending on advertising their products because proving that they work is going to take a long time and will be expensive? 

Personally, I imagine that they're very tech savvy people who bring broad expertise in from whatever field they come from that readily translates to a deep understanding of any new technology!  

Time to change the topic to something completely different.

I don't think I've ever enjoyed a movie with Jim Carrey(sp?) in it enought to finish it. Even when he was seemingly in every 4th film in theaters I just found him completely unwatchable. However, I found this gif somewhere and I don't even know what movie it is from, but I have worn something remarkably similar to what he is wearing in this gif below. 

Wait. Is this the right blog? I should get some sleep. 

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