Thursday, March 25, 2021

Our field lost a great scientist -- and an even better person.

Wow, is this one hard to write. If you weren't aware, Michael Bereman of NC State passed away last week. As an ASMS member you might remember Michael receiving one of the awards that are given to extraordinary young researchers just a few years ago (2015). He was brilliant and far too young for me to be writing this.

Michael's stuff has been on this blog a lot. AutoQC, SProCoP and other tools and we reused the amazing CSF proteomics files that his lab generated for #ALSMinePTMs, partly because I wanted to make sure the files we used for reanalysis were generated by a real expert. 

A GoFundMe page just went up for Michael's family that you can find here, with additional info on this great guy that we'll all miss.

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