Tuesday, March 30, 2021

More improvements for MSAmanda -- for all operating systems!

MSAmanda has continued to improve, and if you haven't takend a look at this free search tool in a while now might be the time to take another look. Check out a short summary here!

For people using Macintoshes there aren't exactly a ton of options for proteomics. You can say the same for Linux probably unless you are adept at pulling tools from Github and figuring out what steps the developer thought you were smart enough to know about without them telling you. 

Other highlights include more compatibility with file types recommended by the Proteomics Standards Initiative which must be composed of the most tolerant people who have ever lived on earth. Most normal people after 1 year of trying to get proteomics to standardize anything: 

They've been coming up with ideas for almost 20 years! 

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