Tuesday, April 28, 2020

JPT is killing it on the SARS-CoV-2 standards!

JPT is one of those companies that I think everyone forgets about, because they've been around long enough and made enough great standards that everyone has heard of them at some point. I, for one, can never remember the name and it helps if I start thinking about BASS CANNONS. (Changed my mind -- an Excision link does belong here. Used to tour as the loudest act on earth. Not kidding.)

If you don't know about JPT -- they make my favorite retention time standard for proteomics, PROCAL. Which not only has super sensitive chromatography metrics thanks to the really clever way that the peptides were designed -- but it also can be used to match your collision energy from instrument to instrument!

You can tell the labs that use it because they'll have multiple instruments in their method files and the Tribrid is at 32.5 HCD and the benchtop is at 26, because they used science and standard to match them!

Now -- I'm not just beaming about JPT solutions because I'm pretty sure I keep forgetting to pay them for HLA peptide standards I bought this spring (which they've never once reminded me about -- and are the only place I ever order them from, because they are suuuuuper clean).

They've been killing it on the dumb virus thing we keep talking about. You can basically buy peptides covering the entire virus -- and now you can buy convenient sets!

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