Saturday, November 10, 2018

MassComp -- reduce mZxML data files with no losses!

Back when desktop computers were manufactured by smaller companies there was one called MassComp. I didn't know this until I discovered the MassComp I want to talk about hadn't designed an icon for itself yet.

This is the MassComp and you can get it here!  It's new -- so new, in fact, that you may have to compile it yourself. However -- this is gooooood stuff. Have y'all seen this?

Have you seen more of them if you move a file from one place to another a few times? That might mean that you're data transfer protocol is not error checking, or the compression thing that you are using to move that data file is not error checking. That's the opposite of MassComp. It's anti-lossless data compressing. (If you do see that symptom talk to your IT people!!)

MassComp is just for MzXmL now, but a lot of people use that! 

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