Sunday, November 25, 2018

Assessing NanoParticle/NanoTechnology Safety with Proteomics!

There is a wing in my building that is all locked up. I know it has something to do with nanoparticles and they've got mass specs back there -- and -- I don't know what they do with them -- and until now I only had a vague conception of  what a nanoparticle was (I'm assuming a very small particle.)

If you're curious, a whole special edition thing on NanoParticles has been recently assembled. A link to all the chapters can be found at this intro here, and the links I've clicked because I thought they sounded interesting have been open access.

Proteomics can play a role in these things -- namely in assessing the safety of the particles! This article might play more like an "intro to proteomics for nanoparticles people" but it also does a good job of helping me understand why people are doing this stuff and what the problems might be.

It is more than a little clear that as these technologies develop we're going to be necessary to try and stay on top of it!

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