Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Facebook is still terrible, but this ad is on point....

I just got off my third self-imposed "Ben had an over-the-top tantrum about US politics" Facebook ban and logged in to upload 75 pictures of my 18 dogs -- and -- for the first time ever, that awful site tried to sell me something useful!

Need a $25 oscilloscope? Me either!

I'm not gonna buy something from a guy who is played in a movie by the same guy who plays Lex Luthor. For real. That's weird. But you can find this for sale if you Google "DSO138 Oscilloscope".  Hey -- if you have nieces or nephews who have ADHD nearly as severe as yours? You can get it as a kit that looks like it will take FOREVER to assemble. Holiday distraction accomplished!


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