Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Lazy Phospho Normalizer!

Okay -- so there are easily a million smarter ways to do this. I know it. However -- I doubt there is a lazier way.

Here is the scenario

You did a global phospho TMT study.
Because this is a time course long enough that trancriptional/translational regulation isn't something you can rule out you also kept the flowthrough (or part of the sample that you didn't enrich) and you also ran it -- ala SL-TMT or something similar.

How do you combine that data?

Like I said -- 100 smarter ways to do it, but last night around 8pm I would have given just about anything for an Excel sheet that said this --

Around 11pm I started channeling that frustration into watching some tutorial videos on the Microsoft Office website and early this morning I woke up and finished this tool that does EXACTLY what I needed last night

You can download it from my Google TeamDrive here.

As it says in the instructions -- if you make something easier and better (or already have one), please let me know. As always, happy to see comments regarding what could be fixed or improved. Can't guarantee I'll actually do it -- as I said -- this does what I want it to do, I'm just putting it out there in case it would help anyone else.

Also, if you're just writing me to make fun of the fact I could do this in R in like 3 seconds, I'll have you know that I've installed 6 copies or R and R studio on this PC and I don't even know which icon on the desktop is the most current one. Keep that in mind.  You could do it in 3 seconds, I'd spend an hour -- easy -- clicking the wrong desktop icon. "Where is the one that links to that cran thing..?"

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