Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Complex Portal -- New superpowers for UniProt!

It can be hard to keep track of all the awesome information and links that are around EMBL and UniProt. There is so much information now that sometimes I can't even find what I know I'm looking for when I know I'm on the right page (this is a good thing even if it makes me feel just a little crazy sometimes).

ComplexPortal is another new UniProt power -- looks to me like it's easier to go to ComplexPortal and then follow the UniProt links back to get specific information on specific proteins.

Bonus: If there is lots of information on your complex it'll get all wobbly and animated for a second and make you wonder when you left lab last night.

Pro Tip: My web browsers at home have Adblockers installed. I don't have to whitelist this page, I only need to click links twice to get them to load, but if you aren't getting anything to show here you might need to allow popups from EMBL.

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