Tuesday, June 26, 2018

2 dimensional online fractionation with EasyNanos?!?!?

I have honestly never considered doing this. And can't think of a good reason for doing so now, but in case one comes up -- at least I now know it is possible -- and there is loads of proof. 

Check this out --

What the Heck!?!  These authors take our boring old inflexible EasyNLC and without adding pumps or anything -- turn it into an online 2D system. Somehow they get it up to 21 hour separations -- moving their QE Classic from 3k proteins from a HEK293 digest to closer to 8,000.

I found this while looking for something in no way related. Now that I know about it, however, this isn't the first or last time someone has pulled this off. It's just the one that Google Images knows about (if you hit a paywall -- I definitely didn't tell you that you could maybe get the paper if you went through Images, because I'd never ever recommend circumventing a paywall!)

Now that I know about this -- I found another instances of people doing something similar. This one is from 2010.

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