Thursday, March 29, 2018

PACOM -- A great new Java tool for comparing different proteomics datasets!

Do you have a bunch of proteomics datasets that you need to compare? Or do you have something awesome you've done that you'd like to check against what somebody else put up on a repository like ProteomeXchange?!?

Are these datasets small enough that you can do it within Java memory limits (processed total <4GB, I think? which is plenty of room for lots of processed universal output files)  Would you love a simple step by step interface that gives you instant feedback when you are just pushing buttons instead of reading the instructions?

If you answered yes to all of these the Proteomics Assay COMparator (PACOM) is a great new tool you should check out here.

Seriously -- it's tough to compare proteomics datasets and there isn't much out there in the way of tools that can do it besides Perseus and it is always nice to have additional options. I do recommend you check it out (and read some of the looks very intuitive but you can't just sleepily start filling it with mZidentmL(s) without reading anything and keep clicking the forward button and get anywhere...well...maybe you can, but before noon I'm lucky if I can put socks on without breaking something...)

Again -- seriously -- this looks like a GREAT piece of software to have on your desktop for assessing your data, comparing between sets and generating impressive metrics and figures.

Wait -- I got it. WHO NEEDS INSTRUCTIONS?!?! Not this guy! He just needs espresso! Wow. There is some cool stuff in here. Heatmaps, mapping chromosome coverage, multi-set reproducibility metrics(!), word clouds(!?!?) -- okay -- I love this.

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