Saturday, March 24, 2018

Comparative proteomics of dying cells!

Why is the resolution so bad on that picture when I post it? @MCP had the same looks great in the preprint paper, and that is all that matters!

The idea behind this paper in press at MCP is so simple and brilliant it may make you want to kick yourself if you do your own cell culture. (Don't kick anyone, especially if you don't do your own cell culture...come on, that goes without saying, right?)

You've got a flask of cells and you treat them with your potential drug and then you wash your drug off and scrape your cells off the bottom of your flask (or whatever you do) and then you lyse the cells for proteomics.

WHAT IF YOUR DRUG KILLED A BUNCH OF CELLS AND THEY WASHED AWAY WITH YOUR DRUG?!?!? Your information on the subpopulation of cells that actually responded most powerfully to your treatment just went into the biohazard waste and all you have are the cells that, for whatever reason, don't respond!?!?

I should stop shouting because this group takes a number of drug treatments and examines the cells that detach compared to the ones that stay on the flask/plate bottom and they look pretty similar. Closer examination, though finds some proteins that help explain the drug mechanism and decision(?) for death or loss of adherence following drug treatment.

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