Monday, March 12, 2018

Call the pathologist (or whatever they're called) why don't they fix cells with MS-compatible crosslinkers?!?!

Okay -- umm....what is the downside here?!?!

Check this out and tell me if you find one!

We're constantly trying to work around the fact that all these cool tissues in repositories -- EVERYWHERE -- have fixed tissue. It's formaldehyde then paraffin and I'm always super impressed when anyone gets anything out of them when they go back to re-analyze them.

Sure -- it works okay for imaging (with specific antibodies) but we're often stuck with reversing the crosslinking (with varying degrees of success) or ignoring the crosslinked moeities. (Come on blogger, at least one of those is a word...)

Why don't we toss the dangerous formaldehyde junk and use better reagents to preserve the tissues!?!?  This group looks at preserving the tissues with MS-cleavable/compatible crosslinkers - and it works!

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