Friday, March 23, 2018

Also in this month's JASMS -- the world's largest HPLC?!?!

I'm not sure what to say....I know miniaturization is making it tough to work on your plumbing on some of these HPLCs, but I definitely didn't anticipate a shift in direction this extreme. It should be like working on an old small block Ford engine!  Great for those of us with freakishly large hands and poor hand-eye coordination! 

At first I was a little concerned about the ESI source on the mass spectrometer being on the floor, but it appears to be fully closed and  I'm sure there is good reason for it. Maybe it helps minimize vibrations? 

I do like the idea of having the LC monitor up in the air. Too many of us spend our time looking down at monitors, but a lot of scientists I know are going to have trouble getting a mobile phase bottle to the top of the stack. Hopefully it can be configured to have those lower on the system or on a table beside it? 

I hope they bring a model to ASMS this year so I can get a perspective! (Maybe it's a little tiger?)

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