Thursday, March 22, 2018

Enrichment profiles to lead us toward better plasma proteomics assays!

I pretty much have to leave this cool new study here, I've nearly shoveled myself out -- I'M SO TIRED OF SHOVELING SNOW!!  And I'm just catching my breath, before I finish shoveling and see how hybrid-car friendly the roads are between here and work.

Big reason I really want to get back to this paper later? Ummm...ever wondered why you couldn't validate something someone else found in plasma samples even though your samples were identical? Did you harvest with EDTA? Did they? Did you heat inactivate? Did they? It can make a huge difference!

By addressing issues like this, these authors start to establish unique profiles that explain a lot of the differences.

As valuable as these authors demonstrate comprehensive profiling can be -- to me it might even be more important that it highlights the value of comprehensive conserved protocols!

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