Sunday, January 14, 2018

NeuCode for cell lines and animals -- full protocol!

NeuCode (neutron coding!) has seemed an almost inevitable replacement for a lot of our labeled proteomics techniques for a few years now. However, the fact that you are simply switching neutrons in different atoms has made some of us kind of gasp at how much resolution you need to pull it off.

(There are over 20 theoretical tags that can exist in something like a 0.030 Da space!)

This new Nature Protocol walks you through the entire thing -- including the really smart instrument method shown above. The trick is using a lower resolution MS1 scan to pick your data dependent ions for fragmentation and then to obtain those fragments in the ion trap simultaneously to your 500,000 resolution scan for quantification.

In case you're would you possibly write that method... Don't worry! They provide step by step instructions for both instruments!

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