Sunday, January 28, 2018

MSFraggerGUI -- Massive improvement in usability for this great software is coming!

Ever have one of those weeks where your alma mater decides to require 2-factor authentication on all of the sites it manages and that leaves you locked out of your personal email, remote instrument connect, Google drive, and your blogs? It's been that kind of week here. But I'm back in! And I've read something like 40 papers this week and at least 8 of them have been worth telling other people about. Prepare for an onslaught this weekend!

First, however, I have to tell you about something that hasn't been published yet. MSFragger is back -- and now it has a GUI!  Github link to the GUI here.

The amazing software team at Michigan is working to take their proteomic dark matter elucidating software and make it far more accessible to non-bioinformaticians.

MSFragger is ridiculously powerful -- but both the input and output have been...a bit overwhelming... Even better than the GUI? The team has enabled direct output of the data MSFragger creates into Philosopher!

What's that? Also not published yet, but if you're nosy you can check it out here!

The MSFraggerGUI can be downloaded here. You just need to make sure your MSFragger is up-to-date (it'll warn you if it isn't) and point the GUI to it and the correct version of Philosopher.

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