Thursday, January 18, 2018

JUMP and JUMPg for tag based proteogenomics!

It's funny how often I am "introduced" to something and the search blog on this bar shows proof that I read a paper on the topic at some point. JUMP is one such thing!

I have an excuse for forgetting about it. I didn't have a Linux computer to run it on. Yesterday, however, my application for access to a small Linux computer....

...with 72,000 (seventy two THOUSAND!!!) processing cores was approved...and it's time to see what this little guy can do (and...what they bill for it...since I now have a billing account for it as well...)

Of course it has around 50 programs installed for next gen sequencing analysis, but it has 2 programs for proteomics and the first is JUMPg, which was recently described here.

My hopes were dashed a little when I found out it is only enabled to run on one node at a time (so... 28 or so of those 72,000 cores...) but it appears that multiple instances can be started. I'll send it something tough and see how it goes.

It seems like most institutions have super computing resources these days (they have to in order to support the "next gen" sequencing stuff). Maybe JUMPg is a resource you can sneak onto one near you as well!

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