Thursday, May 11, 2017

OMICSDI paper is out -- the Omics Discovery Index -- bring ALL the data together!

-omics this, -omics that, -omics -omics -omics... too bad there aren't some forward thinking people out there working on a way to draw from all these public repositories to actually combine it into something useful....

...what?!?! there are?!?!

Yeah! And this awesome short paper is finally out describing it.

I love this breakdown from the paper on the number of datasets they had when they submitted it in December

67,000 from transcriptomics
6,000 from proteomics (get cracking, people! actually...that is kindof a lot)
800 from metabolomics (these people should get cracking. their LC gradients are 15 minutes!)

You shouldn't read the paper. Just kidding, you should check out the thought that went into this! If you decide you want to develop, for example, a something other -omics (imagination is lacking right now) dataset to integrate, the paper tells you all about the standard requirements for OmicsDI to integrate all that work you've acquired.

You can check out the product at !!!

EDIT: Realized upon waking up that it might sound like I'm implying the individual databases themselves aren't useful on their own. Definitely not what I meant at all!! -- but combining the information from a metabolomics study and a transcriptomics study published on the same cell line can seem almost impossible sometimes. This is a huge step toward assembling all this data in a format everyone can access!

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