Monday, May 22, 2017

neXtprot -- Fast new peptide uniqueness checker!

Hey! I just found this cool peptide that is upregulated 11-fold in all these patients with this condition. It has the full y ion spread and looks great!

Want to instantly check out whether it is unique to your organism (or something that shouldn't be there)?  Mathieu Schaeffer et al., just provided you the easiest and fastest way I've seen yet!  You can read about it in this open paper here (it's 2 pages!)

Or you can go to neXtprot and type your peptide sequence into the box!

It has to be at least 6 amino acids long -- and don't put spaces it will think that the next space is the next peptide (which means it can take a bunch of peptides at once -- up to 1,000!)

If you do it right, you're output looks something like this:

My sequence is completely unique to just one protein from one species.

You can download the output as a .csv file. Probably not that useful if you've only entered 1 peptide sequence, but if you are dumping in your de novo results....this could be invaluable!

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  1. Thanks a lot for this nice comment on our tool!

    Please note that peptide uniqueness is checked on all human protein sequences from neXtProt (including variants), but does not take into account protein sequences from other species!