Thursday, May 25, 2017

Elegant overview of the proteome universe!

As you can tell from a blog post or two, I'm not a fantastic writer. I'd like to think I'm okay when I'm not in a hurry, but these authors can write!

If the title of this awesome Open paper didn't draw you in, I'm gonna guess you didn't grow up wanting to be this guy...

Once you get past a title that great -- this isn't fluff. This is one of the single best reviews of why biological complexity and the proteome are so intrinsically intertwined that I have ever read. It is easy to forget the expectations we once had for what doors the Human Genome Project would open into our understanding. What it opened was a door that showed how little we currently understand.

Look, even if I wasn't being lazy with the blog today, I can't read this paper over my coffee and do any aspect of it justice. If you want to read a great perspective paper on how far we've come -- and how amazingly far we still have to go, I can't recommend anything more.

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