Tuesday, May 2, 2017

MSNoise -- Quiet down the lab?

I was flipping through the new JASMS this morning and found a funny ad I had to investigate. I thought it was for ear protection in the lab and I followed this link.

Turns out it for a whole line of products that are designed to lower the background noise levels in your lab. They have insulation solutions for LTQ Orbitrap water chillers and for an array of vacuum pumps.

Maybe the coolest product in my opinion is sound insulation for ultrasonic water baths. Every time I use on I wonder if it is doing some damage I won't know about till later.

I'm starting to notice I can't hear very well. I'm gonna blame a lot of it on this guy's annual festivals when I was a much younger person....

...nevertheless, this product line is pretty interesting!

Please see the disclaimers section on the blog over there (this isn't an endorsement, I just think this is a cool idea) --->

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