Saturday, March 25, 2017

Process TMT11-plex data in PD 1.4!

...cause somebody really did ask for it...if you've got TMT11-plex reagent on the way and are using PD 1.4, you'll need to add a channel, or download this template from my DropBox.


1) Tandem Mass Tags are the trademark property of Proteome Sciences. I'd put trademarks every time I mention these reagents on the blog, but I don't have access to symbols without using HTML.
2)  I'm not a professional mass spectrometrist
3) This looks like it works fine. No promises, though!
4) I totally made up the mass in the average mass box for the method. You've got to use HRAM to even use the TMT11-plex reagent, so I figure it doesn't matter. I took the difference between the C and N average masses in the box for the other reagents, and added that to the average for the original 131 reagent. No promises.
5) Use at your own risk!

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  1. re Proteome Sciences trademarks

    Isotopic Tandem Mass Tag® TMT®