Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Cell wide analysis of protein thermostability!

Okay --- I've GOT to get out the door before 5 if I've got any shot of making it to my talk at the NIH this morning...

BUT...I've got to say something about this AWESOME NEW PAPER IN SCIENCE!

Man, THIS is a Science paper. One of those things where you're scratching your head wondering -- "um...okay...why would we even want to know that...?...but that was a really smart way of doing it and I bet something will come out of it!"

Its 4:47!  I've gotta steal @ScientistSaba's notes (thanks!) on the paper and go!

It uses "LFQ to explore thermostability on a proteome-wide scale in bacteria, yeast, and human cells by using a combination of limited proteolysis and MS...The group maps thermodynamic stabilities of more than 8000 proteins across these 4 organisms. Their results suggest that temperature-induced cell death is caused by the loss of a subset of proteins with key functions." Sweet, right!?!

Worth noting, they do all the analysis with LFQ on a QE Plus using Progenesis IQ.

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