Monday, March 13, 2017

Awesome clinical proteomics study on weight loss!

I'm gonna be conservative and say there are about 12 reasons to read this awesome new open access paper!

I'll name a few and see how far I get

1) A "how to" for clinical proteomics. 1 hour digestion? 45 minute runs? Now -- this is something practical for a clinical setting.

1.5) This had to move up the list. The samples were prepped with a robot liquid handler thing!

2) This section title "Plasma Protein Levels Are Individual-Specific" Holy cow! Why don't I have my own plasma proteome done yet?

3) XIC based label free quan (MaxQuant LFQ) applied to a clinical sized cohort (300+ patients; over 1200 runs!)

4) Beautiful downstream analysis -- that leads to clear biological conclusions on this cohort, including inflammation response, insulin resistance, etc.,

I really think I could get to 12, but I do have a job and I should probably not be late for it!

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