Monday, January 9, 2017

SILAC proteomics evaluates link between sex hormones and kidney diseases!

It is no surprise to most of us to hear that male sex hormones are dangerous. There are obvious reasons why the life expectancy for male humans in most countries is far lower than that for women.

This stellar new paper in press at MCP from Sergi Clotet et al., explores some less obvious ones!  In this work they use SILAC proteomics to study primary kidney cells that are treated with male sex hormones.

Surprisingly -- they find some pretty massive perturbations in central metabolism -- that suggest a strong link between diabetes associated kidney disease and these hormones!

One interesting note for us downstream data nerds is that they used an add-in in CytoScape called BinGO to develop the GO and pathways stuff and to select proteins for validation via Western Blots.

Great experimental design and methodology with a surprise biological ending?

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