Thursday, January 26, 2017

Are we in the golden age for public proteomics data?

This new paper in Cell Trends is just awesome!

For years, beautiful proteomics data has been accumulating in all sorts of awesome public repositories. You or your biologist counterparts have extracted out what you needed for that study and you've dutifully put it somewhere that other researchers can now get to it.

Relevant: the Nature family of journals now require statements of data access. There now aren't too many that don't! w00t!

There is a whole new field coming -- of bioinformaticians who re-mine proteomics data with new algorithms and draw new and better conclusions from hundreds or thousands of files in these repositories!  From these approaches, it is just good stuff for us. Their new algorithms are gonna trickle down to us and our first pass data is just going to get better and better!

Worth noting -- these authors do mention one of our weaknesses (worth stealing the whole screenshot because it is so well written!)

QC has come a long way recently! More and more labs are spiking in internal standards like the PRTCs (or running them between samples) but we're all gonna have to implement something rigorously. 'Cause it sure won't be a secret if we don't!

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