Sunday, January 22, 2017

Monitor your instruments with MS Instrument Connect on the Cloud thing!

Do y'all know about this thing? I think it might be a serious asset!  I guess it has been around for a while for a lot of other instruments -- like the thermocyclers and things -- but it is now live for mass specs via MS Instrument connect!

It runs through the Thermo Fisher Cloud and it has a simple user interface that allows you to monitor, in real time(!), up to 3 instruments from your PC and possibly from your mobile devices! (Can't confirm yet...but the App looks like it'll do it!)

What it does:

1) Overview of your instrument(s) performance and status

2) In depth analysis of the runs if you want to exactly where things are.

3) Customizable email alerts if there are errors!  Right?!?  I don't actually want to look all the time, but I just want an email if the instrument stops (or once my Sequences complete!)

4) It isn't TeamViewer or GoogleConnect or other widely used (and therefore attractive targets for hacking...) Seems like these are being blocked at more and more institutions in my area....hacking sounds like a lot of somebody gonna really want to spend a lot of time to get a few LC-MS labs? Seems less likely to me!  (Scary screenshot from my newsfeed a while back...)

The JHU Center for Proteomic Discovery has been beta testing this for their Lumoses and I've been hearing good things.

There are some requirements:

You have to register with the Thermo Fisher Cloud.

You're instrument(s) need to be on newer Foundations/Xcalibur combinations.

And you need to download Applications to your network connected instruments and your devices you want to monitor them with. There are good instructions to walk you through setting it all up.

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