Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Improving UVPD in ion traps!

This has gotta be the year, right?!?!  We've been hearing more and more about UVPD, to the point that I promised to stop writing blog posts about it. Guess that was an alternative fact, cause...check this out!

This new paper in JPR improves on the spectra obtained from the UVPD fragmentation data that you don't have!

One of that challenges that we'll see with the UVPD when some enterprising little startup gets rolling retrofitting our instruments with these systems (disclaimer: I don't know that this exists -- but...it totally ought to...somebody out there with the capacity to do this would like to set up a booth at ASMS 2017...and walk away with millions of dollars worth of orders...right...??) is that the fragmentation spectra can look like this ---

Taken from this abstract!

And...you know what is going to be fun from a data processing perspective? The amazing level of search space that is required to search all those possible fragmentation locations!!!

Do-able of course -- more do-able with high resolution accurate mass -- but even more do-able with this new methodology in this paper!

For the mass spec physics nerds -- it is an optimization of the resonance ejection to improve the S/N of the actual interesting (and searchable) fragment ions. For us biologists, it is better data out of the ion trap (that we don't have yet) faster!

For me -- it is a lazy blog post I put together in under 30 minutes while struggling my way out of this NyQuil/head cold haze!  Wins all the way around!

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