Thursday, October 20, 2016

Opening Proteome Discoverer 1.4 Results in PD 2.1

Great question from a reader! Figured it deserved its own complete post while I'm in-between meetings!

You've got all those awesome MSF files you've processed in PD 1.4!  How do you open them in PD 2.1?  You definitely don't need to reprocess them all!!

Do this!

1) Make a new folder

2) Don't add any RAW files or templates or anything. Just blank on all that stuff

3) Where you add your RAW files -- add the PD 1.4 MSF files!

PD 2.1 should recognize all the stuff. Here it recognized that these 2 processed TMT fractions are -- TMT fractions and that I used the TMT 10plex. Now...I do have the RAW files in the same place where these .MSF files are. I'm not 100% sure if this is essential or not. Its just how my storage drive is organized!

Go to your analysis results and they'll be there as well!  w00t!

Now is the conversion part!  Highlight and Reprocess your data as a new MultiConsensus report!

Then make a Consensus workflow. I just chose one of the common default workflows.

Run it!!!!


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  1. Great! Thanks! Conversion from 1.4 msf for dummies - and I don't mind sharing that I really needed this!