Saturday, October 29, 2016

Ever tried short tryptic digestions and failed? Try Partial FASP!

This brand new paper in Nature Chemical Biology  probably isn't there cause its got a really cool (and reproducible!!!) method for partial tryptic digestion. It probably helped, but it got there cause it conclusively identifies a new post-translational modification that can occur in histones and that has all sorts of sweet biological relevance.

But I'm a methods nerd and this is something I've tried to do -- lots of people I know have tried to do -- and I've never seen it work reproducibly well!

And theirs works!!!

They had to do it cause the PTM they are looking for falls into a domain where the trypsin would cut it up. And the method is really straight forward (and FAST!) and it makes peptides that shouldn't be ETD compatible --- big and ETD compatible!!!

I'll probably write more about this paper, cause I'm fascinated by the PTM, but its Halloween Friday. Check out this great paper!

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